Biomimicry Alberta is an initiative modelled on the Biomimicry 3.8 Global Network, and created to ignite a regional network for design innovation, to promote learning by exploring nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies, and to create synergies for sustainable change in Alberta.

Biomimicry Alberta Core Group


Marjan Eggermont, Co-founder




Marjan is currently Associate Dean (Student Affairs) at the Schulich School of Engineering and a Senior Instructor (Engineering Communication and Design) in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.She co-teaches first year engineering design classes of 750+ students and a Biomimicry graduate course for Mechanical, Biomedical and Energy and the Environment students. She is a c0-founder, designer, and one of the editors of Zygote Quarterly with fellow editors Tom McKeag and Norbert Hoeller. Marjan has a background in History and Fine Arts and she is currently a PhD candidate in Computational Media Design with a focus on Biomimetic Information Visualization. She won Best of Biomimicry for Excellence in Biomimicry Education within a College or University in Boston in June 2013.


Carlos Fiorentino, Co-founder



Carlos is a design educator, researcher and practitioner. He teaches in the Department of Art & Design and Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta and in the Design Studies Program at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. He has worked professionally in the visual communication design field for twenty years. In 2010 he introduced the first Design for Sustainability interdisciplinary course at the University of Alberta, integrating Biomimicry as a core subject, and has been giving lectures and published papers internationally about this experience ever since. He is also co-founder of the recently established Design for Sustainability Research Group at the University of Alberta and member of the Sustainability Advisory Committee at MacEwan University. Carlos is pursuing his doctoral studies in Human Ecology (U of A) on the subject of Structural Colour and Biomimetic Design.


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