Advisory Board

Active Advisors:

Tomislav Terzin 02Tomislav Terzin, Ph.D, Biology

Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Science, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

Teaching areas: genetics, developmental biology,evo-devo (evolution of development), molecular and cell biology
Research interests: evolution and development of colour patterns in invertebrates (butterflies, moths, beetles, tropical insects). Fundamental and applied research on invertebrate mimicry and camouflage.


4 Mark AnielskiMark Anielski, BA, BScF, MScFE,

Partner and Co-founder
Genuine Wealth Inc.

Mark is an economist specializing in measuring well-being and happiness of communities and organizations. He is co-founder and Partner of Genuine Wealth Inc. and the Genuine Wealth Institute whose mission is to enable the development of flourishing economies of well-being based on his Genuine Wealth model. Mark has extensive experience in the design and implementation of sustainable well-being measurement, reporting and management frameworks from his experience in Alberta, Canada, the US, Europe and in China. He is the author of the bestselling book The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth (New Society Publishers, 2007). He was involved in the 10-year development of the Canadian Index of Well-being (CIW) released in October 2011; the CIW is the most comprehensive wellbeing measurement system in the world.


Kai Costantini, Consultant in value based circular economy initiatives, collaborator with socially sustainable TechVentures.

Kai works as a Strategic Business Consultant, partnering with regenerative, and well-adapted tech ventures and other initiatives. As the local Circular Economy representative she advocates for closed-loop process, products and collaborations. When she is not sharing biomimetic principles and curriculum with her kids she can be found working on innovation projects or advising businesses. She facilitates workshops to prepare for new material realities. Kai helped rebrand Firmware modules and to initiate its “EOS.IoT” Earthtoken platform attempting to bring them in line with living systems


Astrid Des Landes, Senior Business Process Consultant at The City of Calgary.

Astrid is a senior Organizational Management professional with a proven track record of successfully leading business transformations, integrating strategic planning, organizational change management, process redesign, and technology


Other members of the Advisory Board:

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Al Meldrum, PhD.

Professor, Department of Physics, University of Alberta

Dr. Meldrum’s main interest is in the area of photonic sensors, especially focusing on light-matter interactions in optical microcavities. Several unusual and interesting effects happen when light is trapped light inside a micro-scale device. For example, trapped photons can interact millions of times with molecules situated near or inside the cavity, rather than interacting only once. Trapped light is thus highly sensitive to tiny changes in the surroundings and can be used to detect even single biomolecular binding events. His research group hopes in the near future to expand into the area of optofluidic biolasers; a new class of device that is highly biocompatible and in which the laser gain medium has a biological origin.


UnsworthLarryLarry Unsworth, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Associate Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Principal Investigator, National Institute for Nanotechnology, National Research Council
Associate Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Unsworth is an Associate Professor in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta with a secondment to the National Research Council (Canada) – National Institute for Nanotechnology. His work focuses upon ways to engineer molecules where biomimicry plays a critical component of the design process. Through spending time understanding how nature accomplishes tasks, via molecular design principles, Dr. Unsworth’s lab tries to build molecules with these functions for direct application to the areas of biomedical engineering.



G. Gabriella Carrelli, MSc., P.Geol.

Gabriella is a senior professional geologist at GLJ Petroleum Consultants in Calgary, working on international projects for oil and gas companies.  She has a Certificate in Environmental Management where she completed a special project trying to develop a better strategy for environmental protection/conservation in the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area.  She is also a facilitator and researcher for The Integrative Equine Program, which is an equine experiential learning program that partners with horses as therapists to help participants develop and/or enhance their life skills.  Her biomimicry interests involve connecting with the natural world, specifically through interspecies communication, patterns, self-regulating systems, and industrial ecology to eventually reduce our impacts on the natural environment to zero.  Biomimicry as a means of informing and influencing the oil and gas industry in Alberta to find more effective ways of reducing the impacts of the industry on the natural environment is her goal.  She is an avid naturalist, and spends much of her time outdoors with her dogs, horse, and many wild florae and faunae.


Janet Wesselius, PhD.

Assoc Professor-Philosphy
Augustana Campus, University of Alberta