BAW03・Biomimicry Alberta Workshop 2017: Arthropods!

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Lectures Day 1:

BAW03-BIomimicry intro by Carlos Fiorentino

“Innovative Insects” by Hilary Pittel

“What Can Black Flies Teach us about Hydrodynamics and Filtering Fans?” by Dr. Doug Craig: Insects did it first

Lectures Day 2:

“Genius of Place” by Kira Hunt: BAW03-Genius of place

“Keeping Track of Alberta’s Living Heritage” by Kurt Illerbrum, ABMI: Kurt_Illerbrun_Biomimic_2017

“Role of Mucus on Fish-Scale Wettability” by Prashant Waghmare: Prashant -BAW_03

“Wetting, Slippage, and Splashing on Superhydrophobic Surfaces” by Dr. Amy Tsai

“A Dynamic Taxonomy on Structural Colour” by Carlos Fiorentino: StrC-BAW03

“Bio-centered Design Concepts on Health and the Senses” DES337-437-537 student’s work: BAW03*37

Artefact Table: High Speed videos by Dr. Nychka

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Music played during the workshop here: