“Waste” by Nature available in RCA proceedings

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Bio Inspired + Design Workshop at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Marjan Eggermont to present at upcoming Bio Inspired + Design Camp workshop in Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, August 17-18, 2019. The program will include (weather & water permitting) Tubing at the Milk River, a Rock Art Tour, and a Wild & Native Plant Walk and Tour in and around the hoodoos. 

Because they only have limited campsite (tent/RV) space, they will review applications and confirm reservations by August 12, 2019. Please send applications by August 10th to:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5YYTMRW

The Nature Exchange: a new gallery and experimental space to learn from nature.

The Nature Exchange is a new gallery at the Telus World of Science Edmonton where you can trade, analyze, discuss, interpret and catalogue natural items. The Nature Exchange gallery is a truly diverse experience, with an Animal Zone and the Field Station to discover. You can meet George and Badger, the sugar gliders; or Alphie, the corn snake, or Shelob the tarantula, or Iggy the bearded dragon! Participate in unique exhibits like identifying different trace evidence left behind by animals, or studying photographs taken at various Alberta Camera Traps. You can even use microscopes to study real samples, like compare carnivore teeth vs. herbivore teeth. Biomimicry Alberta’s core member Carlos Fiorentino was selected as one of the “Spotlight Scientists,” and samples of structural colour will be included in the gallery.

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Two Biomimicry Alberta researchers interviewed for BUGS 101: Insect-Human Interactions

Mary Glasper (Biologist) and Carlos Fiorentino (Designer) were interviewed as part of module 12 “Products, Science and Technology” of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) BUGS 101 “Insect-Human Interactions”. Mooc’s are a very successful University of Alberta’s initiative partnered with Coursera. Just in a few days more than 2,000 students registered to the BUGS 101.

In BUGS 101 Module 12 Mary talks about the use of silks and Carlos about biomimicry and structural colour.

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Zero Waste and Circular Economy Conversations in Calgary



Resources: Life-Friendly Chemistry Summary, designed by Kira Hunt

This pdf is a summary of the concepts learned at the first biomimicry workshop focusing on Life-Friendly Chemistry, held in India on March 2019.  This work was informed by lessons from Mark Dorfman of Biomimicry 3.8 and Tim Ward of the University of New Mexico.  If you have any questions or corrections, contact kira.hunt@live.ca

Please use, share, and build on this work.

LFC Summary Sheet 2019-05-20_Page_1LFC Summary Sheet 2019-05-20_Page_2

LFC Summary Sheet 2019-05-20