First Biomimicry Alberta Workshop

10447623_755858524478830_669627051109022012_nLast October 4th and 5th. the Biomimicry Alberta group organized the first workshop in the region, with 32 participants, among them 8 BA members and 24 students and professionals coming from diverse disciplinary backgrounds such as industrial design, engineering, biology, environmental studies, philosophy, business, visual communication design and fine arts. The event was held in the Biogeosciences Institute of the University of Calgary (former Barrier Lake Station) in Kananaskis, Alberta. During the event participants enjoyed of the wonderful natural surroundings, in the Rocky Mountains landscape, with outdoors activities and trails, and a social evening event at the lounge. Four lectures were given around the subject of biomimetics by four experts in their fields: Dr. Dan Sameoto and Dr. John Nychka (Material Engineering, University of Alberta), Dr. Tom Terzin (Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Campus Augustana), and Andree Iffrig (LEED expert from DIRTT Environmental Solutions). Godo Stoyke (Director of Carbon Busters) presented a poster on his research at the Environmental Design program, University of Calgary. Co-founders of BA Marjan Eggermont (Prof. at University of Calgary and director of Zygote Quarterly) and Carlos Fiorentino (Art & Design, and Human Ecology, University of Alberta) were chairs of the event, directing the diverse activities.

Biomimicry Alberta is planning to repeat this and introduce other events as well to disseminate the emerging field/discipline in the region.

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