The great energy transition is underway. –Danny Kennedy

If you still have any doubts that the future of wealth, economies and jobs are based on renewables, check out this talk. If you get impatient, skip to the facts shown from minute  9:26.

Published on Jan 13, 2017screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-03-12-pm

The great energy transition is underway. Renewable electricity build-out is outpacing dirty projects. Global greenhouse gas emissions have flatlined, but the transition isn’t happening fast enough to significantly arrest climate change. Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity and Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund, draws from lessons learned over decades as an activist and entrepreneur on the frontlines of the global energy transition. He illustrates his vision of how to achieve clean energy accessible to people of all classes, cultures and countries in a distributed, decentralized and democratized system.

Introduction by David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission.

This speech was given at the 2016 National Bioneers Conference.


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