BAW04 Biomimicry Alberta Workshop ~ This event was rescheduled

BAW04 is being rescheduled as a lecture series to be presented in Edmonton soon. Please check this site for updates.

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Saturday 13

Introduction to Biomimicry
Kira Hunt (
Kira is a Landscape Architectural Technologist at IBI Group. She enjoys exploring the edges of landscape design, learning about art, architecture, and urban planning, and advocating for holistic design approaches for the built environment.

Parallel Activities
During the afternoon, a number of guided interactive sessions will run in parallel and will include various ways to learn about organisms and ecosystems and how their strategies might be applied to human design and technology applications. Activities will include: (1) going outside and exploring the Rocky Mountain organisms and ecosytems, (2) playing with high-speed photography to see properties of plants, insects, and other organisms in slow-motion, and (3) inspecting insect specimens and gathered natural materials with microscopes. The list of options may be further expanded as we draw nearer to the workshop date.

Art, Human Willfulness, and Inviting Nature into the Process
Royden Mills (

Royden Mills teaches Studio Art in Art Fundamentals, Drawing and Inter-media and Contemporary and Figurative Sculpture at the University of Alberta .He has done many large-scale commissions and installations, and collaborative performances nationally and Internationally and has shown extensively internationally. Roy’s work incorporates and contrasts natural and man-made elements and materials.

Masquerade & Camouflage: Applications in Biomimicry
Dr. Tomislav Terzin (

Dr Terzin’s works at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus in Camrose, where he teaches and conducts research. His research themes include the evolution and development of invertebrate colour patterns, describing and quantifying invertebrate mimicry and camouflage, and interdisciplinary application of invertebrate colour patterns in design, visual arts, aesthetics and conservation.

A Research Tool for Structural Colour Science & Biomimetic Design Innovation
Carlos Fiorentino (

Carlos Fiorentino is a Visual Communication Designer, design educator and researcher, whose main interest is on design for sustainability and biomimicry. He teaches in the Department of Art & Design and the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta, and in the Design Studies program at MacEwan University. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies focused on the Biomimetics of Colour.

Sunday 14

Energy in the Built Environment
Dr. Godo Stoyke (

Godo Stoyke is a best-selling author and award-winning environmental researcher and presenter with a Ph.D. in environmental design from the University of Calgary, specializing in zero carbon design optimization, thermal storage and stochastic controls. He is president of Carbon Busters, which is focusing on deep green sustainable integrated community planning, energy efficiency, zero carbon design, sustainability strategies for municipalities, and environmental education.

There will be a 1-3 more presentations – topics we are currently exploring include biomimicry for social innovation, energy at the nanoscale (ie: photosynthesis), or biomimicry & economics.

Activity: Exploring Innovations
Workshop participants will be led through an interactive activity to help them learn more about biomimicry and apply what they’ve discovered over the weekend to a real-world application. Topics for this activity will revolve around the theme of the workshop: nanotechnology, communications, and economy. During the second part of the activity, participants will be broken into groups to develop a strategy or innovation, which they will present to the rest of the group near the end of the workshop.


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