Help the BeeSmart Team’s research

bee eye close up

We are looking for individuals to provide their ideas for online resources and tools that would help scientists and non-scientists engage with biodiversity data, such as native bee distributions and occurrences. We are graduate students and researchers from the University of Calgary seeking to understand how people can use scientific data to better understand and conserve biodiversity. The University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this research study.

You can participate in this study in person or online through one of the following options:

Option 1: one-hour focus group with other study participants;

Option 2: 30-minute individual interview (in-person or phone); or

Option 3: 15-minute online survey.

If you are interested in Options 1 or 2, please contact us using the information below or you can fill out this online form:

Focus groups and interviews will be audio recorded.

You can complete Option 3 through accessing the online survey here:

If you have friends or colleagues who you believe might also be interested in participating in this research, we would be grateful if you could talk to them about this research opportunity and/or forward them this notice with information about our study.

Thank you for your help!

Angela Demarse & Dylan McLernon

on behalf of the BeeSmart Team: Mindi Summers, Marjan Eggermont, Lincoln Best, Paul Galpern, John Swann, Jessica Theodor, Jana C. Vamosi, Jess L. Vickruck, Tegan Barry, Emily Kaing, Holly Kersteins

Image: Animalia Life


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